How to pay with bitcoin?

We offer -20% discount with Bitcoin!

Get a Bitcoin-Wallet. We recommend to use your smartphone as your future bitcoin-wallet.

For example Coinomi is a very simple wallet software.

Please simply follow the steps within Coinomi for creating a bitcoin-wallet. Keep the word-combination you need to write down at a safe place.

You can also use any other wallet software of your choice.
For detailed information we recommend to visit:
Online based wallet for PC users without a smartphone:

Get Bitcoins online or at an ATM

Within the Coinomi App you can buy Bitcoin instantly with credit card. Just follow the steps within the "Buy Crypto" screen.

...or you can buy at a local Bitcoin ATM, which works like a regular ATM. You can find the nearest one here:

As soon as you have your first bitcoins in your wallet please proceed to step 3.

Buy Kratom with Bitcoin

Please select the items you want to purchase and choose Bitcoin at the checkout. The 20% discount will be applied automatically.

The checkout will show you an image-code.  You can scan this code with your phone camera in Coinomi and pay your order.

You will get our wallet address during the checkout where you send the payment. Please note that there are slight fees with any Bitcoin transaction, so please make sure that you send us the full amount + transaction fee.